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Android Lock Screen App with Voice

How to Lock the Android Screen with Voice - When talking about screen security from ignorant hands for your Smartphone, it certainly can't be denied that you will definitely use one of the default features of your cellphone, namely Locking with a Password. But once again that your Privacy Security is the most convenient thing for you.

Not infrequently various applications through the Appstore (Download) have sprung up to meet the convenience of Android users. And the application can be obtained for free or by paying for it, which is very protective for important data from your smartphone. Well, here you will provide a very interesting and very modern solution for your privacy (Security) that is by using the Latest Apps to lock the android screen with Voice.


This new application is very simple for those of you who like dirty hands or something else because this application by ordering vocal passwords. But don't worry for those of you who like to be in public because in this application there will be a feature for the availability of a keyboard. And Agan will provide some steps for those of you who are interested can immediately follow your intuition. In order to be clearly understood, we will provide a summary of how to use the Latest Android Screen Lock Application with Voice as follows:
  • Install screen lock in Playstore (with sound).
  • Go to Apps > Unlock Settings > Voice Password.
  • type your password like the example "I LOVE YOU" & also not easily known by others.
  • Make sure to enable the App as an Apps Lock Screen.
  • And please try.

This app is very simple to use. Hopefully what you have said above can be understood and tried well. Now you can use the Latest Android Screen Lock App with Voice Please try it. And thank you for your attention.

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