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5 Android Apps To Clarify Blurred Photos

5 Android Apps To Clarify Blurred Photos

Nowadays, there are many smartphones with cameras that can capture the best quality photos. Until the user can take photos that are no less good than a professional camera. Although the camera on a smartphone has great features, sometimes in some cases the photos taken look less bright or blurry. This can arise due to various things.

But frankly, you can find out how to emphasize blurry photos. There are many steps to confirming a blurry photo. For example, by using photo correction software or using a site on the internet that provides photo editing services, it becomes more concentrated. Besides, there are now many applications available on the PlayStore and Apple App Store that you can use as a step to emphasize blurry photos. Taken from and other sources, here are the application references to emphasize blurry or blurry photos.

The following are recommended apps to clarify blurry photos: 

1. Remini


One of them is how to confirm blurry photos by using an application called Remini. This application provides an Enhance feature to make blurred photos more concentrated and brighter. Remini can be downloaded for free on the PlayStore. This application is widely used by Android users because of its power to turn blurry photos into bright ones.

When successfully logged in, the Remini application will provide an opportunity for you to fix blurred photos for free about 10 times. Even on Versus Pro, this app has great unblurring power. Next, here are the steps to confirm blurry photos using the Remini application: First make sure you have paired and logged in to Remini. Furthermore, on a special page, you can specify the Enhance menu. Specify the photo you want to edit. Then click the red "Use It" button at the bottom. Wait a moment until the editing process is complete.

2. PhotoShoft


The next application to fix blurry photos is PhotoSoft. Unlike Remini, PhotoShoft is a free image editing application that is equipped with several good features for fixing blurry images. As one of the ways to emphasize blurry photos, this application has excellent tools such as noise canceling, skin softening, image sharpening tool, and HD impact tools. This latest feature allows you to adjust the detail and color intensity to give photos a clearer appearance.

Here's how to make blurry photos clearer using PhotoShoft:

  • Make sure you have this app installed on your phone.
  • Then open the application and select the Noise Remover menu.
  • Select the image to edit, then follow the rest of the instructions.
  • Wait until the photo editing process is complete.

3. Fotogenic


Fotogenic is a free application that in its basic version provides some good editing tools. And the paid versus offer a better list of tools. This application has the most simple and friendly user interface. Once you've selected the photo you want to change, all you have to do is tap the "P" at the bottom of the monitor.

Then you can select the impact you want to add. Next, here are the steps to confirm blurry photos using Fotogenic: On the special page you select the "Details" menu. Next, specify the photo you want to edit. In that menu, all you need to do now is drag your finger to where you want to remove the blur. Follow the next process until your photos become sharper.

4. PhotoDirector


The next step to confirm blurry photos that you can try is to use the PhotoDirector application. This app is a great image correction app. PhotoDirector is really easy to use and offers a wide variety of tools and effects for editing photos, including highlighting blurry photos.

Here are the steps to confirm blurry photos using PhotoDirector:

The first step is to take and install the PhotoDirector application on your cellphone. Then you can take advantage of tools such as Dehaze, HSL, and HDR. You can make a serious increase to the blurred image. If you only have a few non-essential points on your blurry image, you can remove them using the erase/clone tool.

5. Snapseed


The last application and the best reference as a way to emphasize blurry photos is using Snapseed. Snapseed is a free correction app developed by Google. This application provides 29 tools and filters that are easy to use.

Here are the steps to confirm blurry photos using Snapseed: First open the Snapseed application. On a special page, you can specify the image you want to edit. To sharpen a photo, you need to select Details in the Tools Menu. Then you can immediately select Layout or Sharpness. Adjust the formation as you wish until the photo becomes sharper. So the review of the steps to confirm the blurry photo. The application above is the best software to make your photos sharper.

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