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Otherworld Legends v1.8.2 Mod Apk (Unlocked Characters/Money)

Download Otherworld Legends

Free Download Otherworld Legends Mod Apk for Android

Otherworld Legends is one of the newest Offline Games from ChillyRoom with a very exciting game. A game that combines two different elements namely action and adventure. Not only fighting here, but you also have to look for items scattered in various places so that later it will be very useful when fighting enemies.

In this game, there are various types of characters with different uniqueness and abilities such as magic, ranged and melee. You need to know that you can get the characters in Otherworld Legends using diamonds, some of which you have to buy using real money.

The unique thing about Otherworld Legends is that at the beginning of the game you will be in a room, later you have to find a hidden way out in the room to continue the game. Later you will be faced with various kinds of enemies and you can also hit other characters to get all the equipment. However, I suggest not when the first state is better you do that if your state is a bit high.

Otherworld Legends actually uses 2D pixel art style artwork that looks retro, but there are times when you will be able to see the full and captivating character artwork, such as on the character selection or inventory screen. You can also see the cool animation style of each character, especially when using deadly moves, in beautiful locations such as bamboo forests, underground graves, to dream-like mirage palaces.

Speaking of characters, players are given the main character Quan Huying for free, but to be able to get other unique characters, you have to pay for it with real money. Only a few characters can be purchased with premium currency, but don't worry because here we will share them in an unlocked mod version.

So for those of you who are looking for the latest games that have a small size and can be played offline. So this game is highly recommended for you to make a choice. If you are interested, just download the game for free below.

Otherworld Legends Features:

  • Super punchy controls and a very satisfying combat experience.
  • Many heroes of your choice, each with a distinct fighting style. Melee, ranged, magic. There is always your cup of tea.
  • A huge variety of enemies, bosses and scenes, from towering knights to dumb cute monsters. You will never be short of punch bags.
  • Collect a set of items that offer all sorts of bonuses. Crack on item fusion recipes till you find the perfect set of items that best suit your fighting style.
  • Prepare yourself for all the surprises you can get in the dungeon - random enemies, secret rooms, hidden shops and unknown bosses.
  • Assisted control helps you effortlessly target enemies and execute fabulous combos with few taps.
  • A unique mix of 2D and 3D pixel art styles and awesome hand-drawn animations.

Otherworld Legends Screenshot
Otherworld Legends Screenshot
Otherworld Legends Screenshot
Otherworld Legends Screenshot

What's New in Version 1.8.2:
  • Updated SDK
Game Information:
  • Name: Otherworld Legends
  • Category: Action
  • Version: 1.8.2
  • Update: September 03, 2021
  • Offered By: ChillyRoom
  • Size: 137 MB
  • System Required: OS Android 5.0+
Hack Mod:
  • Unlocked Characters
  • Unlimited Money
How To Install:
  1. Download the game Apk file below!
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Check Out Unknown Sources
  3. Install the game Apk to complete
  4. Open the Otherworld Legends Mod Apk game
  5. Done, have a nice play!

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