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Epic Conquest 2 v1.4b Mod Apk for Android (Unlimited Money)


Download Epic Conquest 2

Free Download Epic Conquest 2 Mod APK for Android

Epic Conquest 2 is a beautiful RPG in an open world that offers captivating anime artwork and the same RPG gameplay found in the Diablo saga or later Hades. Here, you'll play as a young heroine who's always on standby on her fast-paced adventure inspired by some of the best and most classic anime. If you're a fan of Asian animation, then you'll find Epic Conquest 2 a high-quality entertainment that's fun, addictive, and full of personality.

The gameplay in Epic Conquest 2 is divided into two parts: throughout the exploration, you are free to explore the vast world created by Graco Games. There, you can interact with the environment around you as well as with the charismatic characters you meet along the way. In this exploration section, you will be given missions that are generally completed by combat.

The combat system in Epic Conquest 2 is fluid and very satisfying. You can complete combos automatically by tapping the attack button and dodging using the dash button. As you progress through the story, the hero will unlock new powers that can be selected from the start menu.

No doubt Epic Conquest 2 is a super fun game that, although still in the development stage, manages to offer great and interesting moments thanks to its well-designed gameplay. So what are you waiting for, just download the game here, complete with the mod version.

Download Epic Conquest 2 Features:

☆ Explore!

  • An open-world with all kinds of treasures and resources to strengthen your character!

☆ More skills to choose

  • Each character now has 8 skills and 8 masteries! Mix and match the skills to suit your build.

☆ Wide options of character build

  • Classic Attribute Distribution (STR / INT / AGI / DEX / VIT) to match your desirable playstyle.

☆ Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System

  • Craft, Enhance, and Upgrade your equipment to tackle harder challenges!

☆ Variety of Costumes to Collect

  • Buy Costumes for your beloved character to change his/her appearance, and get a decent boost of power.

☆ Cloud Save

  • You can save and load between devices. Never lose your progress!

☆ Other Great Features

  • Simple yet beautiful old-school graphics
  • Offline. You can play anywhere without an internet connection
  • No need to pay or watch Ads, unless you want to support us!

Epic Conquest 2 Screenshot
Epic Conquest 2 Screenshot
Epic Conquest 2 Screenshot
Epic Conquest 2 Screenshot

What's New in Version 1.4b:

Hotfix 1.4b
  • Blackscreen on start
New Content
  • Main Story Quest. New sub-region
  • 2nd Boss Rush
  • Gale Equipment is available
  • Costume Box (Combat Butler/Maid)
  • Weekend Hot Time! (+20% exp/gold/drop rate)
Game Information:
  • Name: Epic Conquest 2
  • Category: RPG
  • Mode: Online
  • Version: 1.4b
  • Update: August 10, 2021
  • Offered By: Gaco Games
  • Size: 197 MB
  • Required System: Android OS 4.4+
Hack Mod:
  • Unlimited Money
How To Install:
  1. Download the game Apk file below!
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Check Out Unknown Sources
  3. Install the game Apk to complete
  4. Go to the game Epic Conquest 2 Mod Apk
  5. Done, enjoy the game!
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