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State of Survival v1.13.20 Mod Apk (No Skill Cooldown)

Download State of Survival The Walking Dead Collaboration

Free Download State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration Mod Apk for Android

Hello brother, tonight I will share with you the game which is already very famous because it was adapted from the film The Walking Dead. State of Survival is a strategy game where you have to defeat hordes of zombies who are trying to destroy your city. To do this, you'll have to use the numerous weapons available and hold your ground.

The graphics in the State of Survival are attractive and give you a bird's-eye view of the land. Thanks to this viewpoint, it'll be easy to see each one of your characters and ready yourself to shoot at all the zombies who come near you. Another great thing about this game is that you can unlock new equipment and members for your team as you go. With each new advancement, you can plan an effective strategy that will help you knock out your adversaries.

As you get experience in the game, you'll be given the possibility to modify the skills of each member of your team. Each one of these characters has special skills that you can use to help you exterminate the zombies as efficiently as possible. Plus, each of the characters will give you a series of missions to complete to build new units in the city and help the people in these hard times.

In the State of Survival, you'll have fun as you help your team defeat each one of the waves of zombies that sweeps through the city. You just have to tap on each of the areas of the map to complete actions that help you complete each challenge.

State of Survival Features:

The Walking Dead Collaboration now! Find Daryl Dixon!

In the absence of the military, build up your settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and the foundation for your post-apocalyptic zombie world. It is time for your tactics to become real! Fight vs. this virus of the walking dead! It's combat time and you need to fight the invasion! Survive if you can!

In this survival game, you get to save survivors from the battle to increase your numbers and strength to fight each infected zombie. Locate those with special abilities, as they will be the heroes of the plague war! Shooting time!

The zombie army disease is mutating rapidly. As a survivor, you need to learn whatever you can to understand it and build your strategy before the invasion of the zombies. Whoever can control the infection controls the world! There's a war out there and it's all about survival! Stop the apocalypse!

There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected wilderness in this strategy survival game. Join armies to pulverize anyone who tries to take advantage of you in the battle and be ready for the war against the zombies and the apocalypse. Your survival is at stake!

Rip up the Rulebook
It's humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to survive and defeat the invading army. This is a survival strategy versus a zombie shooter game and there's no military to rescue you. It's completely different than other military war games.


State of Survival The Walking Dead Collaboration Screenshot
State of Survival The Walking Dead Collaboration Screenshot
State of Survival The Walking Dead Collaboration Screenshot
State of Survival The Walking Dead Collaboration Screenshot

What's New In Version 1.13.20:

Mid-Autumn Gifts: SoS wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! While enjoying your family reunion, don't forget to return to the Settlement to check-in and receive generous rewards!
UI upgrade: You can now access all the anniversary celebration skins on the same screen.

Game Information:
  • Name: State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse
  • Another Name: State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration
  • Category: Strategy
  • Mode: Online
  • Version: 1.13.20
  • Update: September 14, 2021
  • Offered By: KingsGroup Holdings
  • Size: 135 MB
  • System Required: OS Android 4.4+
Hack Mod:
  • No skill cooldown
How To Install:
  1. Download the game Apk file below!
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Check Out Unknown Sources
  3. Install the game Apk to complete
  4. Go to game State of Survival Mod Apk
  5. Done, enjoy the game!
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