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How to Speed Up a WiFi Connection on Android Without an Application

Speed Up a WiFi Connection on Android

How to Speed Up a WiFi Connection on Android

Indeed, internet connections from cellular networks are more flexible and can be accessed anywhere as long as there is a network. But now WiFi networks are more popular, though not practical because they cannot be carried everywhere, but the internet connection is smoother so that it is made to play games to be satisfied.

But there are times when a WiFi network that enters a Smartphone device is not as surfing as on a Laptop device, it could be due to a number of problems, either because of Smartphone settings, or maybe the location being reached.

Well, on this occasion we will give a discussion on how to overcome weak WiFi signals and slow internet speed on Android without using additional applications, so users can enjoy a smooth internet connection again. Just go ahead and see the full discussion below.

Internet Speed test

Tricks to Speed ​​Up WiFi Connection on Android

1. Point the Antenna to Your Device

If you pay attention, a WiFi transmitter or referred to as an Access Point has 1 or more antennas. Well, for the antenna, please direct where you are to get a stronger network. Or maybe if it's still not strong enough, try changing it in a different direction because the type of beam from each antenna is not the same. But if you want a wider spread of WiFi networks, you can add 1 Access Point again and put it somewhere.

2. Change Router Position or Access Point

If you might not be able to add to the AP, or change the antenna still not satisfying the power of WiFi, you can just move the network transmitter. Try the Router or Access Point in an open place, keep it away from the ground, and away from other electronic objects.

3. Replace Router or Access Point

When the place is crowded with people connected to the same WiFi network, and you have more funds, you can upgrade more qualified devices. There are levels, the price of the device starts from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

4. Use a Trusted ISP

There are several internet network service providers in Indonesia, and you can choose one of them. The prices of each ISP (Internet Service Provider) are different, depending on the maximum capacity of the connection and service.

That is how you can speed up WiFi connections on an Android Smartphone that you can apply to get the optimal speed and browse or play online games smoothly. Good luck.

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