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Tips for Creating Secure and Easy to Memorize Passwords

Tips for making easy and secure password

Easy Steps to Make Secure Passwords for All Accounts

Passwords are one of the most important things that must be kept confidential, almost everything that concerns personal or organizational interests is always protected as well as possible with certain codes that are not known to many people. But sometimes most people still ignore passwords that are safe to protect their privacy in the virtual world.

Not long ago, as revealed by a cybersecurity agency from the UK, 123456 became one of the most used codes by accounts that were hit by third parties. At least 23 million people have become victims because of using the passcode.

Most of them don't want to make complicated passwords because it's hard to remember. Who said that? There are actually tactics to make passwords safe, unknown to many people, but we ourselves can easily remember them. Want to know? Here are the tips are given by detikINET, which quotes from Forbes.

First, you can use a word that is very closely related to you, for example, "Baya" where it is an extension of Surabaya. Because the name of the place is easily known so that you can just cut it like that, if not "Baya", you can also "Sura" only, which uses the middle letter because it will be difficult later on.

After that, don't forget to include a number password, but avoid using your birth number. Easy to remember number combinations are sequential or 1 digit difference, for example, 12, 34, 13, 24, and so on. And you can also embed the "IDN" code, which is also very easy to remember because IDN is an ISO code for Indonesia.

If it is still not strong enough, you can use the characters listed on the numeric combination keypad that you used before, for example, if the combination is 1 and 2, then see on the keypad what characters are there, for example here! and @. That way the password obtained is "Baya12IDN! @". How, are you ready to change the secure password on each of your virtual accounts?

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