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How to Use Zilong in Mobile Legends, Tough Knight From China

fighter and assassin hero

Guide to Using Zilong in Mobile Legends

Maybe some of the Mobile Legends players will underestimate free, old and standard-impressed heroes. As Zilong is one of them, where the hero must be obtained by every player because indeed the hero is one of the prizes when you complete a certain mission.

Although it's free and a hero for beginners, you can't underestimate it because Zilong is still a mainstay for some Professional players. This is because of his ability which is still very useful for the team. Especially in recent times, the hero also appears to exist again.

One of Zilong's specialists is to destroy turrets instantly without being hit by an enemy. His fast movements can make it difficult for the enemy to chase him. Especially with the build items and how to play like this, it is certain that Zilong will become one of the most targeted heroes because of his running speed and deadly skill.

Changbanpo Commander

Item + Battle Speel + Emblem Recommendation
  • Rapid Boots
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Fleeting Time
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive
  • Flicker or Sprint
  • Custom Mage Emblem
Skill Upgrade Recommendations
  • Lvl 1-5: Skill 1>> Skill 2>> Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 1
  • Lvl 6-10: Skill 2>> Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 1>> Skill 2
  • Lvl 11-15: Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 2>> Skill 2>> Skill 2
How to Use

Zilong Maximum speed

  • Early Game
Because it is still the beginning of the game, Zilong hopes to be alert because the defense is not so high. Use defensive attack techniques, just installments, no need to completely attack the enemy, focus on eliminating the minions in your lane. After that, head to the buff monster, and when it reaches level 2 then you can cooperate with friends to kill the enemy.

Aim for enemies that can easily be finished with skill 2, then swoop back with skill 1 so that the enemy cannot move for a moment so that our friends behind can have the chance to attack with their best skills. If you don't succeed in the killing, try to stay calm because you don't have the ultimate skill yet.
  • Middle Game
When you have got the ultimate skill and made several items, it is possible to destroy the turret faster. And when one of the enemy turrets in your lane is destroyed, immediately roaming and helping another lane to destroy it too. In essence, always pay attention to the map to steal the turret and not to Zilong in the enema scene, because one of the weaknesses is when playing mobs.
  • Late Game
Do not question anymore that all Zilong items have been made, even though the defense is not so good, but Zilong has an extraordinary lifestyle thanks to Haas's Claws items and fast attack patterns. So, when 1 vs 1 is likely it is possible to win. In addition, you must remain vigilant when war because you will be one of the enemies targeted by the enemy, and do not get hit by stunts or other negative effects. If it allows 4 of your friends to survive well in the war, then Zilong is recommended to just push the turret to the enemy base.

That is how you use Zilong in Mobile Legends that you can try to use for the next fight. Good luck.

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