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How to Use Eudora in Mobile Legends, Sadistic Lightning Controller

Eudora gameplay guide

Guide to Using Eudora in Mobile Legends

For old players, Mobile Legends must have memorized the characteristics of a Mage, which is having super large damage and the attack was shocking because once the skill was reduced the HP was extraordinary. As Eudora is one of them, were once issued the ultimate, the enemy immediately dying.

However, as a mage, it must be clever in placing the character's position so that it is not easily attacked by the enemy, but it can also escape when pursued by the opponent. This is a special challenge for a mage, besides his great strength but he has a very weak defense.

Well, for those of you who might want to become Eudora's pro players, maybe the following builds and recommendations can lead you to better use techniques. Intrigued as to what build is suitable for this hero? Just go ahead and see the full discussion below.

Amazing hero

Item + Battle Speel + Emblem Recommendation
  • Rapid Boots
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Fleeting Time
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive
  • Flicker or Sprint
  • Custom Mage Emblem
Skill Upgrade Recommendations
  • Lvl 1-5: Skill 1>> Skill 2>> Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 1
  • Lvl 6-10: Skill 2>> Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 1>> Skill 2
  • Lvl 11-15: Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 2>> Skill 2>> Skill 2
Skill 1 is more important because it can give damage to several enemies in front of it at once, suitable for eliminating minions too.

How to use

Deadly Lightning Attack
  • Early Game
Don't play aggressively when you are at the start of the game, focus on cleaning the minions. And if you are not accompanied, you can just play safe by taking shelter from the tower to be safe from enemy attacks, because the defense of lightning controllers is very thin. But if there are tanks that protect you, don't worry about pushing your opponent alone. However, it is recommended that you focus on farming first.
  • Mid Game
When you have the ultimate skill, you can help friends in other lanes, because the road is quite slow, so don't force it too, watch your lane from the minions attack. But when the war occurs, don't go straight to the ultimate guys, but use combo skill 2 >> skill 1 >> Ultimate. Because if the enemy is dying at the end, surely it won't work and there's no chance to run away.

Unlike the blood is still full but the ultimate direct, of course, the enemy will run away as soon as possible. Even the worst possibility is if the ultimate is wrong, it can trigger the enemy team to invade you because there is no more fear (Eudora ultimate attack).
  • Late Game
Other mage heroes, marksman, or support can be ensured immediately with a Skill 2 dead combo >> Skill 1 >> Ultimate Eudora. Because when the war is clustered with other heroes in the same place, be careful when using the ultimate, you must avoid using ultimate to the Tank unless the blood is really thin. So, make sure that your ultimate victims are 1 opponent so that cooldown can be faster because you use Fleeting Time.

Such is the Eudora Guide and Build in the most recommended Mobile Legends that you can apply in the next game. Good luck.

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