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How to Use Esmeralda in Mobile Legends, Tank with Unstoppable Blood

You Must Try This Hero

Guide to Using Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

Most hero tanks do have a sturdy body and super thick armor, for example, like Johnson, who is made of iron, or maybe Lolita, who has a big hammer for defense. But it's different from Esmeralda in Mobile Legends which only relies on scarves to fight the enemy.

With a look that lacks armor and its unique scarf weapons, Esmeralda is actually one of the strongest and most feared tanks at the moment. That is because if you use it already a pro, then Esmeralda's HP can't run out, even when it's attacked by 5 enemies.

Curious, what are the techniques for using it and building Esmeralda in Mobile Legends? Come on, just read the complete information below.

Powerfull Tank

Item + Battle Speel + Emblem Recommendation
  • Demon Shoes
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Calamity Reaper
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
  • Brute Force Breastplate
  • Flicker
  • Custom Mage Emblem
Skill Upgrade Recommendations
  • Lvl 1-5: Skill 2>> Skill 1>> Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 1
  • Lvl 6-10: Skill 2>> Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 1>> Skill 2
  • Lvl 11-15: Skill 1>> Skill 3>> Skill 2>> Skill 2>> Skill 2
How to Use

Esmeralda Double Kill
  • Early Game
At the beginning of the game, you can just clean the minions in the lower or upper lane along with 1 friend who is quite aggressive, for example like a Fighter or Assassin for more recommendations. When the Minion is cleared, then go directly to the buff monster to get it, then the jungle monster or maybe clean the minion again first. The point is, don't get involved in war first because Esmeralda's defense is still thin.
  • Mid Game
When several items are finished, then you can only be a little more aggressive, by facing weak heroes like Mage or Marksman, or maybe Assassin. Don't care about what, keep spamming your 1st skill, then just skill 2, because with a combination of skills like this, cooldown skill 1 can be reduced more. Try not to be late skill 1, so that your cellphone can be Infinity and not die when war.
  • Late Game
If it has reached the late game, there is nothing to fear anymore, Esmeralda can be the most aggressive hero without knowing backward unless the enemy has all the CC effects. When there is a war, don't forget to activate skill 1 first, then ultimate to the point of the battle, then skill 2. Then skill 1, the enemy attack continues and do not escape, because only an enemy can reduce its HP. Do skill spam 1 and 2 when fighting, don't let it escape.

If indeed you can control it, then the Esmeralda cellphone can turn white all and it will be immune from attacks of any size. As if the blood is infinity guys.

That is how guys use and build Esmeralda on Mobile Legends that you can follow. Have a nice play.

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