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How to Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube to Hide Adult Content

Hide Adult Content on YouTube

How to Hide Adult Content on YouTube

As we know that YouTube is the most popular streaming media platform in the world, for the types of content uploaded here also vary, some are safe for all people and some may contain adult elements such as excessive fighting or perhaps other indecent scenes.

Well, so that the device does not display content like this because this is the fasting month or it may be borrowed again by the baby, you must activate the following limited modes. In its own way, it is very easy, no one minute everything is done, and the content presented on recommendations or search results, no one discusses the matter of adult material.

Don't know how? Come on, just take a look at the full discussion on how to activate the YouTube Adult restricted mode on the following Computer, Android and iOS devices.

Just by sliding the button, you can hide adult content on the following most popular streaming media platforms. The methods are:

  • Access the site through any browser application
  • After that, click the account icon in the top right corner
  • Then swipe down, and find the restricted mode
  • Click the menu, and choose to on then save
How to Activate

  • Enter the YouTube application first
  • Then in the upper right corner, click the account photo icon
  • After that, select Settings and click the General menu
  • Then turn on Restricted Mode
very easy

  • Open YouTube installed on your device
  • Then click the Settings option
  • Then click restricted mode filtering
  • Select the Strict option to limit all scattered adult content
That is how guys activate limited mode so that adult YouTube content does not appear on your device, so it is safe to watch by the baby or when outdoors. Good luck.

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