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How to Change WhatsApp Wallpapers on iPhone

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Easy Ways to Change WhatsApp Wallpapers on iPhone

The simplicity of the display of WhatsApp services is one that is considered by the developer. It aims to facilitate use by users, but if the problem is wallpaper, users can adjust it to their interests and desires, whether they remain default or may use personal photos.

Slightly different from the Android platform, iOS-based device users are presented with a variety of wallpapers that can be selected, can be Standard Library or maybe even special Wallpapers.

To do it yourself is very easy, just a few steps can be done. Curious? Come on, just take a look at the following tips on changing the wallpaper for WhatsApp on iOS.
  • Standard Library

Easy Way
  1. First, please open the WhatsApp application first
  2. Then select the Settings option
  3. If you have entered the settings page, click the chat menu
  4. Then, go to chat wallpaper and select Wallpaper Library
  5. Please select a picture from the Standard wallpaper gallery provided
Then you will find a preview of the selected wallpaper, if you are satisfied with how it looks, then just click set to start applying it.
  • Special Wallpapers

Special Wallpapers on Whatsapp
  1. Enter the WhatsApp application first, then tap the Settings option
  2. After that you can press Chat menu >> Chat Wallpaper >> Photos
  3. If you have, please choose which photo you want to use wallpaper
  4. Please slide the photo to adjust the right angle
  5. Next, select set to order the photo to start making the image as your chat wallpaper guys.
Thus, your chatting activities with friends can be more exciting and more colorful because of the adjustment of wallpaper that can be changed. So, if you start feeling bored, you can change the picture again.

That's how guys change the WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper on iOS, not much different from an Android Smartphone device, right?

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