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How to Activate Dark Mode on Google Chrome Android

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This is an Easy Way to Activate Dark Mode on Chrome Android

Various developers have presented the Dark Mode feature on their platform. This is done for the sake of convenience in the use and saving of cellphone batteries, especially for devices with OLED screens. Instant messaging services such as Telegram and Messenger already have, then socialized like Twitter, Line, and others. Now it's Google's turn to present it on the Chrome Android Application.

With the activation of the dark mode on the Chrome Android application, the background of the search page that was originally made in white has now turned black. Of course, this will make the user's eyes more comfortable looking, especially when in a room with minimal light.

Indeed, when users update Google's browser application, they can immediately enjoy the Dark Mode feature. However, for how to activate it, you still need to apply a special method, there is still no practical option available as it has been rolled out on the YouTube application.

For those of you who have updated the Google Chrome Android application through the Play Store, you can follow the following steps to activate Dark Mode. First, please open the browser application, then enter the code chrome://flags in the search field, where you usually enter the keyword or website address to be visited, then press enter.

That way, you will go directly to the Google Chrome Flag menu, and there can be found the option to activate the Dark Mode button. Next, the user needs to enter the sentence Android Chrome UI dark mode then press enter.

Based on the guidelines provided by Phone Arena, a column will appear to activate the dark mode. Please change the "default" option to "enabled" to activate the new mode of Chrome Android.

Google Chrome for Android with Dark Theme

If so, close and return the Google Chrome Android application to activate the dark mode in the Settings menu. The trick is to press the three-point button in the top right corner of the browser, then enter the settings menu. After that, you will find the Dark Mode option, click to activate it. How, easy enough right?

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