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Here Are The Two Best Weapons in the PUBG Mobile Game, the Most Deadly Duet!

Weapons Strategy

The Most Sadistic Combo Weapon on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players should already know that in the Battle Royale game there are lots of weapons that can be carried, from each type itself there are also a number of deadly weapons that can be used. And even cooler is, the weapons in this game also exist in the real world, guys.

Well, of the many weapons you can carry, there are only 2 of the deadliest weapons that can be used as duets to Chicken Dinner. For the weapons duet, this time is an AR and a Sniper. And to get it yourself can only be from AirDrops when in Classic mode.

Maybe the Sniper already knows, but if this AR weapon often makes a lot of players Dilemma, taken or not. Curious what is the deadliest combo in this PUBG Mobile game? Just go ahead and see the full discussion below.

1. Sniper (AWM)

The best sniper on PUBG Mobile

Obviously, of all the Snipers in this game, AWM is the most sadistic because there are no players who can take refuge when hit by headshots, one shot immediately killed, even an Lv helmet. 3 though.

However, for the bullets that are used this weapon, you cannot boot normally, because AWM uses special ammo which can only be obtained from Drops and also the boot box of players who have taken a drop as well. The bullets used are 300 Magnum, and to make this weapon more optimal you can use Suppressor attachments, 8x Scope, Quickdraw Extended Magazine, and Check Pad.

2. AR (Groza)

The best AR Weapon on PUBG Mobile

AR weapons are often confusing because the average player is confused about choosing Groza or AUG A3. However, here we recommend Groza because close proximity is very deadly. Also for recoil is pretty good, and the muzzle you can only use is the Suppressor. Even though it's deadly, Groza isn't recommended to spray down enemies with scope x6, it's really difficult to control. Because there is an AWM, just kill the enemy in the distance with the most powerful Sniper in the PUBG Mobile game.

That's the deadliest weapon duo guys in the PUBG Mobile game. This chicken or not depends on your abilities and luck because no one can guess the end of this Battle Royale game.

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