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Besides Skorpion Weapons, Here are 4 Other Updates in PUBG Mobile Season 7

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Update on PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7

After being awaited in the end, Tencent Games as the developer of PUBG Mobile provided significant updates to the players. In the update as well as resetting yesterday's season, there were lots of updates coming, and there were 5 things that most attracted the attention of the players.

For those of you who want to get a series of attractive prizes beginning in Season 7, you can buy royale right up to level 100, so you will get costumes, skins of weapons, and even skins of vehicles. But what will be our discussion this time is the update on other questions that may not yet know many players.

For a Skorpion weapon, maybe you already know what the characteristics are, which is similar to the Uzi and type of gun and has quite a lot of attachments plus almost no recoil. In addition, here are some other updates in the PUBG Mobile Season 7 game.

PUBG Mobile Season 6

This is the Update on PUBG Mobile Season 7

1. There is a License for RP EZ Mission

Through this licensed feature, players can get guarantees to complete missed missions, or even speed up the mission. So, when players take advantage of this license for a back-up time, it won't miss much on the previous week. But when using this license to jump over missions in the eighth week, you can and also allow you to get elite chest quickly.

2. Smoke Effect When Falls from an Airplane

For this effect, it can only be seen once in 1 game, which is when plunging from a plane. Where when the character slides, it can be seen from his feet that colored smoke will appear which is quite interesting. And the effect can only be seen by the player itself or the team alone. This effect also includes one gift from Royale Pass. But it can also be purchased separately for other color effects.

3. New server

For middle east players, there is no need to reach a server further, because there is a new server there. Thus, they can get the lower ping and can enjoy the game more smoothly and excitingly. On the other hand, Tencent also continues to optimize its servers to satisfy players better.

4. Falcon

Can not be obtained for granted, this Falcon will only be spotted at certain points on the map, so who is lucky then who will get it. Falcon aka pet bird will stand on the shoulders of players and occasionally will fly around the players. This Falcon will also move differently when players squat, lie down, or else. And just like smoke falls, where the pet can only be seen by the player himself and the team.

That's guys some updates in the Season 7 PUBG Mobile update yesterday. How, have you tried anything? Or maybe there is even something that is still known this time.

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