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6 Powerful Tips to Conquer 2 Zombie Modes in the PUBG Mobile Game

New mode from PUBG Mobile

Winning Tips in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Now in the PUBG Mobile game, there are 2 Zombie modes included in the EvoGround game category, namely Survive Till Dawn 2 and Darkest Night. In both modes, the opponent is the same as a zombie killer. However, if Darkest Night is pure zombies, there is no need to kill other players.

As for Survive Till Dawn 2, each player can still breathe freely in a certain amount of time, look for supplies, move to a place, defeat the boss, and so on. Well, maybe all this time you still haven't won the zombie mode match.

If that's the case, you can listen to recommendations for conquering both Zombie modes in the PUBG Mobile game, to become a winner.

PUBG Mobile Zombies
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The following tips:

1. Play Team

Maybe in survival till dawn 2 mode you can still play solo, but it's not recommended because when it's dead, there's nothing to protect you. Especially in Darkest Night mode, it is not recommended to play solo or Duo if you want to finish the game until the end of the game.

2. Collect a lot of bandages

To cure using first aid, the blood gain is instantaneous, but in this zombie mode, you don't have much time to do healing so that the bandage or bandage becomes the most appropriate medical tool to use in this mode. In any mode, a bandage is recommended when fighting zombies.

3. Landing Near Water

This is specifically for the Survive Till Dawn 2 mode only, because if for Darkest Night mode when players are outside they will be exposed to poison radiation and HP will continue to decrease when you don't immediately seek shelter. But if you survive till dawn, you should fight zombies near the water if there are any, because Zombies will not be able to approach you when you are in the water. At least this can save you from a few rounds of zombies when dying.

4. Bring Throwables

Now for Throwables plus freeze grenades where each zombie or player is affected, the movement will be slower than the normal movement. Then there are the Stunt Grenades that will blind zombies so you can attack smoothly.

5. Use Flamethrower

In Zombie mode, this flamethrower weapon is one of the best to eradicate it, because this weapon is spread so that how many enemies in front of it will be damaged. Well, at least in the team there is 1 player who carries this weapon and is on standby at the front row, while his friend helps from behind.

6. Hide in a multi-storey building

Do not at home that has no level because a lot of gaps will make it easier for the Zombie to get into the room so you will have to deal with it. Try to choose a building or building that only has 1 staircase so you can focus on destroying the Zombies that pass through that path.

That's the sixth best tips for surviving Zombie attacks in 2 different modes in the PUBG Mobile game. How, are you interested in following it?

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