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10 Facebook Secret Features That You Might Not Know

you must know

Inevitably, Facebook's social media is now one of the platforms that are still the pride of most groups. Many of them are already comfortable with this social media because their friends or community are always happy. In addition, some features in it also affect the convenience of use.

Even though you have used it for a long time, have you known some of the secret features of Facebook in the following list? Maybe some of you already know about it, but for those of you who really don't know, please understand the following secret features for account security and knowledge of FB.

Come on, don't need to linger and just find out about a series of Facebook secret features that maybe the following people don't know:

1. Monitoring from Facebook

You need to know that this biggest social media basically keeps monitoring the location of you, just like Google, even though it is offline. The reason the company does it is to be able to provide a list of appropriate recommendations to users, from new friends to exciting and exciting entertainment venues.

2. Application Blocking

Often a Facebook account is associated with other applications to access registration and so on, and of course, not everyone wants to be registered with the service forever so you can block the application here. The method is to select the Settings menu >> Privacy >> Blocking >> Block App >> enter the name of the application you want to block.

3. Hide "Seen" Feature

This will be clearly seen in the Messenger application, because every time we send a message, a message will appear when the recipient has read it. Because we do not want friends to be disappointed because they did not reply first after reading because there is a need, then you can really turn off this feature by using the Google Chrome extension called SocialReviver.

4. More Paying, More Recommended

This is important for those of you who are advertising on the Facebook platform, indeed, all this time you have paid with a sum of money to display content in other users. But do you know that this ad is only shown to some users if the budget is limited? Yes, someone's timeline is currently influenced by the amount of money, the more budget the advertiser has, the more often the ad will appear on your timeline.

5. Monitor Hacker Activity

Even though you have implemented a secure password, hackers can still break into your Facebook account. But don't worry, because FB has a feature that allows users to monitor active account activity anywhere. The trick is to enter Settings >> Security Folder >> Where You're Logged in. If there is suspicious login access, just click log out.

6. Embed Link Without Link

When you want to share a link, don't immediately click on the post. Paste the link in the status column, then wait a while until the preview of the link we want to share appears. After that, delete the link that we pasted and replace the interesting writing so that other users who know about the upload are more interested in clicking, and the appearance is also more elegant.

This is The Way

7. Can be Private except Gender and Cover Photos

Then for other privacy that you can protect well on Facebook is the secret of photos and other information. Everything you can change to Private options, except genitals and background photos, so that other users will not get much information about your account.

8. Save Friend Posts, Groups, or Pages

You don't always play Facebook in really loose time, right? Well, when you find an interesting video or post, the time needed to read or see the post must be long, of course, confused right? Well, don't worry, because the post can be saved and seen again later.

The method is that in each post there will be a dot 3 icon in the upper right corner, click on the icon and select Save post. And to see it again, you can click the saved menu on the left side of the screen, while in the application you can click three lines in the upper right corner >> scroll down to find the saved menu.

You can see whatever you saved before

9. Use Pirate Language

Maybe you want to know different English than usual? Here, try the English Pirate language. It's easy to activate it, you only need to activate the English (pirate) language, then your Fb language will be like the following sentence Ahoy! or Aye Aye Captain.

10. Set the Home

So that your timeline is not filled with a variety of hoax information, then you can set the reference to the news that will appear on your timeline. The trick is really easy, you only need to go to menu Settings >> Timing and Marking >> Timeline. Customize the options there to get the most recommended desktop version posts.

That's guys some features and something secret from the Facebook system that you probably don't know all about. Look forward to some other secrets in the next article.

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