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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes, The Best 3D Online Strategy Game for Android And IOS

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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Gameplay

Strategy games offer entertainment while training one's thoughts, so later the players will not only be able to play it happily but must apply certain strategies to get the absolute victory. There are many types of games that can be played, one of which is Z Day: Hearts of Heroes.

In this game each player is given the task to build his own empire, then form the greatest army to fight every enemy he will find in the future. Not just from human groups, in this game, the army also consists of combat vehicles such as tanks, bomber ships, and so on.

Not just building and building, you are also important to pay attention to the resources that are owned, such as oil. You can get more buildings, more powerful capabilities, and faster production by upgrading certain buildings.

You Can get this free game in market playstore and app store

There are so many types of buildings that can be built in this Z Day: Hearts of Heroes game, and you have to learn them one by one so you can make an efficient base, and survive well when enemies come and attack them.

Oh yeah, in this game you will also be presented with a character that you can change to suit your appearance. Initially, you will be given several types of appearances from a Commander, can be chosen, male or female. Well, after that you can change clothes, hats, and other equipment from the commander through items obtained from war products or buy them.

When the troops are ready, don't forget to send them to the battlefield to get more prizes and supplies. Besides that, there is still a lot of excitement that can be found in this game.

For those of you who might be impatient to enjoy the Z Day: Hearts of Heroes game, you can go directly to the Google Play Store, Android users can get it with only 98 MB of file size. While iOS users can get this game through the App Store in the size of 249.3 MB.

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