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Uninstall Immediately! Here are 6 Android Apps that Fraudulent and Wasteful of Batteries

wasteful battery application

This Android Application Makes Wasteful Battery and Privacy Threatened

Although it has been given a sophisticated security and scanning system, there are still a number of applications that are still cheating and many users of the Android Application are still found. And recently it was reported that Google has removed 6 applications from Play Store because of user comfort issues.

Based on an investigation conducted by BuzzFeed News, it was said that the 6 applications came from the DU Group, which used to be a part of Baidu. And worse, the six applications have also gained a large number of users.

You who are Android Smartphone users must know that the six Android applications reported by Buzzfeed include, among others, Selfie Camera, Smart Cooler, Total Cleaner, AIO Flashlight, RAM Master, and Omni Cleaner. Maybe some of you are familiar with Selfie Camera, because the application is the most popular of all, and the number of downloads reaches 50 million times.

Fraud App
Selfie Camera

CheckPoint researchers have considered that the six applications have committed fraud, because they have a code that allows the Android application to automatically click on the ads that appear, without the user knowing it. Not when the screen lights up, even when the cellphone is off even if such performance continues.

Because the system does an automatic click when the phone is on or stands by, the battery will also be drained faster for sure. "We explicitly prohibit advertising and abuse fraud on Google Play. Developers are required to disclose the collection of personal data and only use the permissions needed to run the features in the application, "as Google spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Even worse, Selfie Camera is the most popular among the 5 other Android applications, it is detected that the application does not only do "Ad Fraud", but also does "Download Fraud" which allows the application to monitor other applications on the victim's device.

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