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The Best DMR Weapon in PUBG Mobile, Number 2 is Hard to Get!

SLR Weapon in PUBG Mobile

Types of DMR Weapons at PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players must certainly understand every weapon in the game, this is a basic science that must be learned in order to win every game they play in each map. Each weapon in this game also has characteristics, especially about the shooting range, and you must know that.

There are many types of weapons in the game, ranging from melee, bomb, pistol, SMG, AR, DMR, to Snipper Rifle. AR is often used as a favorite weapon of many players, because it has a considerable distance, and is also suitable for short distances. While the DMR might tend to be used more as an alternative to Snipers.

However, DMR can also be used at close range if it can control it, and the results are more deadly than AR. But for fewer bullets, the maximum is only 30. For those of you who want to try DMR, here's the best order.

The Kind of DMR Sniper

The Best DMR Weapons at PUBG Mobile

1. MK14

This weapon is clearly placed at the top because it can only be obtained from the Drop supply, then MK14 is also full auto so it's really easy for shooting. But yes, the recoil is large enough so that you also have to be able to aiming quickly to kill the enemy from a great distance.

2. SLR

Damage from this weapon is quite terrible, the fire rate is also adequate for medium or close range combat. But yes it's still the same, recoil from this weapon is really terrible, so it's recommended to have close combat, not in the scope. As for the long distance, try to hit the first hit head, so that the enemy's HP decreases a lot, and only takes a few more shots to end the enemy. It is quite difficult to get this weapon, even in the Drop Supply there is none, so it really must be from boot somewhere.

3. SKS

The damage and fire rate of this SKS is smaller than the SLR, but to get it easier. As for recoil, it is more or less the same as SLR. The advantages may be many attachments that can be paired in this weapon.

4. Mini14

Not too much damage, but the recoil problem and the ease of the Mini 14 are better than SLR and SKS. To see the comparison with SKS, see here.

5. VSS

The last thing is clear is VSS, this weapon has the least damage compared to all other DMR weapons, but the best recoil, and the highest fire rate. In addition, this weapon is also equipped with a scope and suppressor so that it doesn't need attachments anymore.

That's the best list of DMR weapons sequences at PUBG Mobile. After this, maybe you don't need to be confused anymore to choose which one to be the mainstay weapon.

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