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Stop Thanos Present at Google, Can Eliminate Half of Searches

Just for fun

How to Enjoy Thanos's Finger Flick Animation on the Google Search Engine

The excitement of the arrival of the Avengers movie: Endgame also made Google participate in enlivening it through its flagship search system. Unique and very different than usual, the excitement that is presented on the most popular search engine in the world can be felt directly by anyone.

Yes, like Thanos's true strength, half the population will disappear from the face of the earth after Thanos snapped his fingers. And you can also feel this incident through the Google search engine, where when you click on a certain icon, then half of the search results will disappear immediately with animation as appropriate in the latest movie from Marvel.

After knowing this information, I tried to practice it and succeed. First, you can enter the browser application first on Mobile Phone or PC, then access Google's main search page. Then type the "Thanos" or "Infinity Gauntlet" search keyword, then press enter.

Thanos animation on Google

When you are on the Google search page, please look for the Thanos radius as stated in the image, then click the finger. Then the finger will start the flicking animation, and the animation of the destruction of half of the search results will begin, one by one the search results will be melted into dust and no more left. And please note that this can only be done in Desktop mode.

But for those of you who use a browser application on a Smartphone you can do it too, provided that the application used supports desktop mode, such as Mozilla and Chrome for example. So, when you want to feel this feature via cellphone, first activate desktop mode in each application.

Oh yes, to add to the impression of Thanos's flick strength, Google also adds visual effects so you don't forget to increase the volume on your device to feel the sensation of Thanos's power in this search engine huh. To return all the search results, you just click on Thanos' fingers again guys, all of them will immediately return to normal.

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