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How to Stream Videos on YouTube Android Without Ads

YouTube Without Ads

Ad-free streaming YouTube Application in Android

YouTube Streaming services can not only be enjoyed through computer/laptop devices through the website only but for the convenience of watching videos, mobile applications have been provided where users can access them anywhere, anytime, even when not connected to the internet even though they can still access the video (offline feature).

But the problem is the presence of embedded ad content at certain points of the video. Indeed, if just text is not a problem, because the cross click has disappeared immediately and does not require more quota. But if the video ad is in the middle of the content, of course, this is very annoying.

If on a Desktop device it might seem easier to prevent the appearance of the ad, you can do this method. So, what about mobile devices? Can ads on the YouTube application be blocked? Of course, you can, just see the complete method below.

Ad Blocking Tricks on the YouTube Application

Erwin Goslawski has succeeded in creating an application called Cygery AdSkip where it is possible to block ads when streaming in the most popular service in the World. And this application is also not available on the Google Play Store, so you can only download it through XDA Developers.
  1. First, please download the application first via the link Then, install it all.
  2. After successfully installing, the next step is to open the application and activate the required accessibility. Click "OK" on the pop-up message that appears.
  3. Then, you will be directed to the Settings or Accessibility settings menu. After that click "Cygery AdSkip Service" and activate it.

    How to Stream Youtube Without Ads

  4. Then, return to the Cygery AdSkip application to complete the settings. And you can choose to "Mute audio during ad" or not, if indeed this is activated then the process of passing the ad becomes smoother
That's the way guys are to block ads on the YouTube application that you can follow. Good luck.

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