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Gear.Club - True Racing, The best Online 3D Car Racing game for Android and IOS

The Best Racing Game

Gear.Club – True Racing Gameplay

This time I will review a racing game called Gear.Club - True Racing. This game is presented with a truly promising game concept, in the game the players are not only given the nuances of racing with other players or computers that are so real but also in editing cars.

In this game, each player will be presented with various types of vehicles that can be chosen according to their wishes and also the coin budget they have. And each vehicle is also made similar to the original appearance so that players will be more satisfied with it.

However, there are things that are quite unfortunate, namely when the race, the enemy or vehicle participating in the race can be penetrated so that between one another can not clash. So that the real player must try to be the fastest to complete the match, unable to block or destroy other vehicles.

Supercar Racing

To get the best speed, you can not only improve the engine or other support kits but also Aerodynamic, Suspension or others to get easier and lighter pressure and control. All settings of the car can be done in a garage made by yourself.

Not only can you buy a car or vehicle equipment, but you can buy or upgrade various equipment in the garage. So, it is as if the player has a private garage that can be arranged according to his wishes from the results of his own efforts following each race that is there.

There is a lot of equipment that can be bought, and it depends on your account level, the higher the level, the more items to service cars can be purchased, and everything can be done in stages.

There are still many other interesting things that you can get from the Gear.Club - True Racing game, if you want to know more, you can just download the game on the Google Play Store in 37MB size. While in the App Store, this game can be downloaded in a file size of 2.8GB.

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