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DMR PUBG Mobile Weapons Mini 14 vs. SKS, Which Pain?

Which Better, SKS or Mini 14?

Mini 14 vs. SKS at PUBG Mobile

As an initial player, you need to know the various types of weapons that are in the PUBG Mobile game. In this Battle Royale game, there are Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, AR, DMR, Sniper, Melee, and others.

Maybe most of you will prefer the combination of AR and Sniper, due to easy distance adjustment and control. However, to find this sniper is not easy, so the DMR becomes an alternative for you before you get the Sniper. Well, there are several DMR weapons and maybe those that are often encountered are SKS and Mini 14.

From here arises a dilemma, what weapons will be picked? Of course, you have to be able to quickly decide, so you don't become an easy target for other players. As a consideration, here we will compare the DMR Mini 14 and SKS weapons in the PUBG Mobile game.

Which Better, Mini 14 or SKS?

Mini 14

Mini 14 vs SKS

This weapon is easier to control and lighter because there are not many attachments needed. You only need Extended Magazine, Quickdraw, Suppressor / Compensator, Scope X8 only. And it doesn't need grips because the recoil is also quite small so you can aim at the enemy again quickly after launching the first shot.

And the torch used by this weapon is 5.56mm, the same as M416 so you can focus on just 1 type of bullet, saving and efficient. But, the damage generated from this weapon is quite small, so it takes a few hits to overthrow the enemy.


SKS vs Mini 14

Damage, SKS problems are more painful than Mini 14 because they use 7.62mm bullets. However, this weapon is quite heavy, and the recoil produced by this weapon is much bigger than the mini 14, besides that the sound is also louder. But all of these shortcomings can be minimized with many attachments.

Some attachments that can be used on SKS include Scope X8, Compensator / Suppressor, Quickdraw Extended Mag., Vertical Foregrip, and Cheek Pad. With a complete attachment, the recoil will be more stable.

That's guys comparison between Mini 14 and SKS. Actually, the ability of both is the same, because there are advantages and disadvantages. But if the problem is sick, SKS is better. The decision is in your own hands, which one to choose.

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