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Cool Features on WhatsApp You Need to Try

Cool Features on WhatsApp

4 Interesting Features in the WhatsApp Application

Almost all Smartphone users in the World make the WhatsApp application the main communication service. The basic function of this application is to send text messages, voice/video calls, to file sharing in a limited capacity.

However, for those of you who like something different, it is necessary to try cool things that can be done on the most popular instant messaging services. Without many people realizing it, the platform turned out to have some interesting things to try.

Curious about what cool features are available on WhatsApp and many people still don't know about this? Come on, just see the full review as follows.

4 Interesting Features in the WhatsApp

WhatsApp Cool Features

1. Can Change Model Letters

Not much, but if you can function properly, this different font model can be very useful for you. To change the font model, you can add the code (*) at the beginning and end of the sentence/word to add a thick effect.
For example, like this: Where were you yesterday? * How come it seems very busy.

There are several letter effects that can be used, besides (*) for thickening letters, there are (_) for italics, (~) for crossing sentences, and ("`) font specials.

2. Hide Read sign

Often lazy to reply to chat from friends? It may be necessary for you to hide this read report so that they don't feel neglected by you. To turn off this read report you can go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Slide Google report read.

3. Change Ringtones in Certain Contacts

Maybe so many people chat, you are confused about who the message is. To distinguish it easily, you can change the tone of WhatsApp messages from certain friends or groups to be more easily recognized without having to open the phone, whether the message is from an important person or not.

4. Simultaneous Direct Group Calls

No need to call one person, then add it again, now you can directly contact all four friends at a time. Find out the complete way here.

That's guys some cool features on WhatsApp that you can try yourself to apply to each of your accounts to add to the excitement of your communication with the theme. Good luck.

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