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Android and iOS Video Editor App Without Watermarks, Suitable for Creating YouTube and AdBreak Content

Free Video Editor App on Android and iOS

There are lots of interesting and fun things that can only be done with Smartphone devices, one of which is making or editing videos by pouring all our creativity into them to create interesting content. Well, if you want to make it like that you have to use the Android and iOS Video Edit Application which is easy but has many features.

Of the many applications available on the Google Play Store and App Store, one of the most recommended is FilmoraGo. One of the advantages of this application is that, even though it's free, users can still get the results of video editing without a watermark, so the impression is that you have done editing on a professional or paid application.

Of course, with no pinned watermark, you can freely upload it on your YouTube Channel or other social media without their knowledge that basically to produce such cool videos only use the FimoraGo application, without the complicated android and iOS video editing apps that are complicated or video editing via desktop using Adobe Premiere for example.

FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor

Download FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor
Easy Video Editor
Video Editor for Android and iOS
All-in-one profesional tools
Animated Subtitle

Some features offered by the android ios FilmoraGo application to produce YouTube video content or interesting social media, including importing photos and video clips, preview clips in real time, and also support importing videos from Facebook and Instagram.

And for how to use it yourself is so easy, that is, first you first select the photo or video that you want to edit through the gallery, album, facebook, or Instagram. After that, you can specify themes, add music, filters, titles and also your favorite transition effects. When everything is finished, you can save the video editing results to the gallery, or maybe share directly to social media and other platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Email, to the YouTube Channel.

For beginners, the Wondershare FilmoraGo application is very suitable because of the convenience offered. Good luck.

FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor
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