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Alita: Battle Angel - The Game, the Best Online Mobile Adventure 3D Game for Android And IOS

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Alita: Battle Angel Gameplay

Adventure games with attractive graphics displays will certainly be the focus of attention of many game lovers. If indeed you are among those who like adventure or RPG, you need to try the game Alita: Battle Angel - The following game, because you will not be disappointed later.

The game carries a really detailed and interesting graphics display, the effects of each character skill or presented enemy are quite interesting. In addition, the surrounding scenery along the way also looks cool so that players will not easily feel bored by playing it. In addition, there are also natural effects such as thick dust which can also be found in this game.

While the gameplay problem is not much different from other epic adventure games, where players will be given a mission to complete, and each mission that is carried out will later add to the character's strength. Increasing character level also affects the skills used by players.

Now, you can try this game

Then to strengthen the character, you can add it to certain items obtained after completing the mission or maybe a gift from someone else. And even cooler is, in the game Alita: Battle Angel - The Game also offers enhanced aliases to strengthen certain items, so players do not need to be confused with the number of items they have.

Initially, characters will adventure and fight on their own, but there will be a partner who will faithfully accompany you to get an opponent or complete a mission. And even cooler is, one of the skills that can be released displays a combo of characters and partners who help him. In addition to providing greater damage, this combination skill is also quite interesting.

For those of you who want to get the Alita game: Battle Angel - The Game can go directly to the Play Store for Android users and prepare 52MB to install it, while on the App Store iOS users can get 1.4GB in size.

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