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20 List of PUBG Mobile New Features After Yesterday's Update (April 17, 2019 & v0.12.0)

The Game is Better

PUBG Mobile Update Version 0.12.0

Most games today, especially those that are popular and online-based, will routinely get updates in order to maintain the comfort and excitement of the game by players. In addition to existing system improvements, sometimes new items are added to the game. And just yesterday, PUBG Mobile got a significant update.

In yesterday's update, the most striking thing was about the Zombie mode that was presented, where in addition to the presence of new modes (Darkest Night), Survive Till Dawn also got updates. However, when compared, the Darkest Night mode is more terrible and different than other modes in the game.

Survive Till Dawn is still only reasonable where we start from empty zones, take a plane, then dive in certain places, beat enemies and zombies until the end of the game. Who survives until the end, he is the winner and this can be played solo. Whereas Darkest Night, must be in the squad to win it, and you will not get on a plane and must be inside the house if you want to survive from Zombies. Because when you come out, there are poisons that can reduce your blood. Even though your team is the last one, the game will continue until the zombies are completely gone.

You Can fell this mode

Besides the new modes, here are some updates that occurred in the PUBG Mobile game yesterday:
  1. The event was renamed EvoGround
  2. Stun Grenades have an impact on zombies
  3. Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze and reduce the movement speed of enemies and zombies
  4. Zombies can jump and zombie dogs
  5. Zombies can climb low walls or onto the roof
  6. New RPG-7 weapons and Magazine Jungle Style (more ammo)
  7. Flamethrowers are more deadly and can slow down the motion of Zombies
  8. Repairs to M134 are often jammed
  9. Can communicate with friends while the game is in progress (friends = not in the team playing)
  10. Daily missions can be completed at Survive Till Dawn
  11. Friend watch mode can be turned off
  12. Red Dot Sight and some other scopes can be adjusted accordingly in settings
  13. Spring Theme and Treasure. Each lottery guarantees unique prizes, and Sakura Dacia or Pink Rose Set is guaranteed to be able to draw 10
  14. Automatic door opening has been repaired
  15. The chance of rainy weather, foggy, a night on all maps has been improved
  16. More buildings in Dino Park, Coal Mine and Goroka (Vikendi Map)
  17. Crew Challenge Qualifications have been expanded, the top 10 teams can now get unique clothing
  18. Emulator detection is increasing, prevent meeting players on mobile devices
  19. The shadow effect can be turned off for device smoothing and saving battery
  20. Fixed a bug where players were stuck in certain buildings or areas
That's the majority of the updates given by Tencent Games to the PUBG Mobile V 0.12.0. There are still a few other changes, but it's not too important to pay attention to. Happy playing and enjoying the updates.

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