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Sniper 3D Assassin v3.36.7 Mod Apk for Android (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Download Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Apk

Free Download Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Apk for Android

Another game for lovers of gunfire Sniper: 3D Assassin can be the right choice. Offering different things from shooting games that have ever existed, this game initiated by Fun Games For Free can be played in your hand. What makes this game recommended? Let's explore further.

As the name implies, the main concept of this game is shooting. What makes it different from the others is that this game focuses on how players aim at targets. If the main player in a shooting game is generally able to move, run and move places flexibly, this game conditions the main player to be at one point.

The main player in this game is a sniper who is paid by a commander and to shoot a predetermined target. In general, players are placed in a multi-story building and aim at the enemy from a great distance. Each target can generate different wages. His wages are depicted in the form of coins and gems. From wages, players can raise levels, replace and design weapons, and move to many places to carry out the next mission. Each mission that is carried out has its own theme, nuances, and difficulties. The higher the level, the higher the wage received and the higher the level of difficulty in aiming at the target.

The other differentiator from other shooting games is that players can be able to target their targets remotely with a view of the shot that can be so close that they see the target tragically die. That is why this game is recommended for those who are over 18 years old. This game can be downloaded for free both in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With all the features in it, this game gives a sense of opium and segregation for shooter lovers. It is necessary to have maturity in playing it because this contains a bit of content that is not yet appropriate for minors. Need supervision for gamers at a young age. Hopefully, the Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Apk review can be useful.

Sniper 3D Assassin Features:

  • Ultra-realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
  • Hundreds of thrilling missions
  • Play in multiple battlegrounds, from huge cities to beautiful beaches
  • Tons of legal guns and mortal weapons
  • Addicting FPS gameplay
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Free game: play it both on your phone and tablet

Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter Mod Apk Android
Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter Mod Apk Download
Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter Mod Apk Latest

What's New in Version 3.36.7:
  • Bug fixes
Game Information:
  • Name: Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS Shooting Game
  • Category: Action
  • Version: 3.36.7
  • Update: August 13, 2021
  • Offered By: Fun Games For Free
  • Size: 130 MB
  • System Required: OS Android 4.4+
Hack Mod:
  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Cheat Detection Removed.
  • No Ads
  • Infinite crystals (you cannot buy weapons!)
  • 1000 rounds in a clip (turn off before PVP battle!)
  • Disable bullet spread
  • High stability (the weapon does not swing while aiming)
  • Silent weapon
  • Disable repeat kill (kill cam)
Note: Open mod menu to use the mods

How To Install:
  1. Download the game Apk file below!
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Check Out Unknown Sources
  3. Install the game Apk to complete
  4. Go to game Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Apk
  5. Done, have a nice play!

Download Links:

Google Play

Google Drive

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